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Loan Rates Dividend Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: May 1, 2014
Fee Schedule
Phone Balance Inquiry$1.00 each call
Phone Xfer Fee$2.00 each call
Credit Union Checks (made to 3rd party)$3.00 each
Money Orders$2.50 each
Insufficient Funds$32.00 per item
ATM Insufficient Funds$32.00 per item
Stop Payment$32.00 each
Check Copy$6.00 each
Printout of Account History$3.00 per page
Statement Copy$7.00 each
Monthly Service Charge$5.00 per month
Research Fee$20.00 per hour
ATM Card$5.00 each
Replacement ATM Card$5.00 each 1st time
$10.00 2nd time
$20.00 3rd time
Reissue PIN$5.00 each
Wire Transfers$22.00 each
Western Union Wires$25.50 each
Dormant Account$5.00 per month
Low Balance Account$5.00 per month
Return Mail Fee*$5.00
* per statement for Incorrect Address
Cash Advance Fee$3.00 each